Szarekh. El Rey Silente. Nivel 3

Pintado de Miniaturas 9 Proyecto 9 Szarekh, El Rey Silente. Nivel 3.

All about Szarekh, The Silent King

The Silent King was the ruling Phaero of the Necrontyr Triarch, and thus the supreme ruler of all the Dynasties.

He was called «Silent» because he never addressed his subjects except through the other two Faerons of the Triarch. Nominally it was a hereditary position, but the short life expectancy of the Necrontyr ensured that the title was passed from one royal Dynasty to another on many occasions.

The last Silent King of the Triarch was Szarekh, who signed the alliance with the C’tan and condemned his people to become the soulless metallic androids known today as Necrontyr. Following the victory in the War in Heaven and the rebellion against the Star Gods, Szarekh destroyed the command protocols that allowed him to control all his subjects and went into exile.