Coven Throne. Level 4

Miniature Painting Service 9 Project 9 Coven Throne. Level 4

Coven Throne Warhammer

Coven Thrones are large and elaborately ornate thrones that allow a vampire coven to move across the battlefield, and are raised by the departed spirits of people killed by the vampire.

It is typical of the vampire elite to compensate for a cursed existence with pomp and pageantry. A true ruler or ruleress of the undead refuses to sink into the mud of the battlefield like a common peasant or settle for the dubious dignity of sitting on a funerary beast. Instead, monarchs of the night are often carried to war on golden palanquins known as covenant thrones. These bone frames hold the departed spirits of those who fell in love with their owners and received only a violent death in return. Mortal men tremble in disbelief at the exotic beauty of the handmaidens who sit on these covenant thrones, enchanted by a seductive gaze, a kiss in the air or a delicate finger beckoning them into eternal servitude.

Vampire legends originate in the desert kingdom of Lahmia, and it is the inhabitants of Lahmia who are best known for their use of the Thrones of the Curse. Those from this land are considered to be the first representatives of the aristocracy of the night, as their dark city was the first to bear the curse of vampirism. All the inhabitants of Lahmia are descended from the Queen of the Mysteries, Nefertiti, who is said to have a passionate contempt for humans.

Consequently, there are very few male Lahmians. Instead, the most charming virgins are chosen from the noble families of Bretonia and the Empire and given the Kiss of Blood. They then take control of the people around them with cunning and intrigue, because the Lahmies take an active interest in human affairs: no one knows how many eccentric nobles, widows and highborn ladies are actually members of the Immortals. Lahmians are hedonistic, self-satisfied beings who are anxious to show themselves in all their glory and grandeur. That is why the thrones of the cowries carrying the Lahmian brotherhood are decorated with rare artefacts and lined with silk embroidered cushions and other luxuries. Over the centuries, the Lahmians have mastered the art of prediction and foresight in order to stay one step ahead of the agents that pursue them. The thrones of the secret covenant carry large enchanted bowls filled with fresh virgin blood in which the vampire’s handmaidens can foretell the future. But no one knows what the ultimate goal is.

Despite their luxury, these palanquins are powerful weapons on the battlefield. The vampires themselves move so fast that they are virtually invisible, but their true strength lies in their unity. A pack of vampires fighting as one is as formidable a prospect as any dragon or demon lord.

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