Bases for Miniatures

Simple or scenic bases, only you set the limit!

Miniature Painting Service 9 Bases for Miniatures

Basing Service

We believe that a miniature without its decorated base is an incomplete miniature, so we offer the following catalog of levels, examples and possible scenarios with which to conceptualize an ideal environment for your miniatures.

Bases Level 1

Decorated with sand or texture and painted with the necessary colors to recreate any environment.

Bases Level 2

A decorative element is added on top of the sand or texture, to choose between: grass, bushes, snow, skulls…

Level 3 Bases

Two or more decorative elements or more elaborate and specific environments, as you can see in the examples in our gallery.

Scenic Bases

We can integrate your favorite miniatures in exclusive, fully customized environments.

We also offer the possibility of creating scenic bases, where your miniatures will look spectacular, as well as display elements, both for showcase and for tournaments. If you are interested in this type of service, please contact us without obligation.

scenic bases
basing scenic
pink scenic base
LEVEL 1 (£) LEVEL 2 (£) LEVEL 3 (£)
20-25-32mm 0.5 1 2
40mm 0.75 1.5 2.5
50-60mm 1 2 4
100-105mm 2 4 8
120mm 2.5 5 10
160mm 6 10 15
60mm (0) 1.5 2 4
75mm (0) 1.7 1.5 5
90mm (0) 2 3 6
170mm (0) 5 8 12
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