How we work

Miniature Painting Service 9 COMMISSIONING PROCESS

How are we going to paint your miniatures?

In Starbrush Studio we want you to have all the information available. On this page we want to inform you about all that implies the acceptance of a commission with STARBRUSH Studio.

As any business, there is a policy and a number of conditions to everything goes perfect:

Customers have to pay 50% of the total cost of the project in advance so that we can start working.

When a customer accepts the final result will be considered finished and there will be no returns from the moment the miniatures are sent to the costumer. Throughout the process, We have sent pictures of the progress, videos if necessary and the contact is continuous and direct, in order to make the relevant changes as we progress. So we understand that the customer has been informed and communicated enough so that the final result is always satisfactory.


We have price tables that will guide you in the final price of the budget:

We can make a detailed budget of what you need, if you send us your questions to [email protected] or better still filling out our CONTACT FORM.

Once you has received the budget, we can make all the necessary changes until we adjust to your needs.


We can make conversions to the miniatures, so We do it according to two assumptions:

  1. You want some specific conversions and you indicate it to us when requesting the budget. In this case you will be informed of the exact amount of the conversions in the budget.
  2. You want a miniature painting service for your troop, a regiment or an army, and you want conversions. In this case, an amount of 15% of the total will be added to the budget for conversions. 

To be able to paint we need the miniatures, and to get them we have two options:

  • You send us the miniatures.
  • We buy the miniatures.

We recommend the second options, for the benefit of all! You save one shipping cost, We can get a discount (not always), We can start working before, and We make sure they are well prepared to work properly.

We don´t charge any commission for the purchase of the miniatures, we only add the cost of the miniatures in the budget.


When the work is finished We will send you a photo gallery. Then you can see your finished miniatures well before sending you and give us your FINAL OK. After paying the remaining 50% we will send the miniatures.

In a period of 60 days, You have to pay the order once finished. If at that time we have not received a response, we will assume that the miniatures are owned by Starbrush Studio.

We´re flexible with dates! So, if you know that you will take longer, for example, to a work trip, some unexpected expense that has arisen … tell us, and we will evaluate different options.


We accept payments by international bank transfer and PayPal.

The full payment of the project must be made before sending the miniatures, which include shipping costs, which we will inform in the budget.

***Remember: The last payment of 50% must be made within a maximum period of 60 days from the end of the project!

If We receive a response after 60 days, remember that these thumbnails are the property of Starbrush Studio.

While the miniatures are in our studio, we are the ones who take responsibility for them. But the moment the miniatures leave our studio or while the miniatures are sent to Oidut Studio, We aren´t responsible for what may happen to them.

However, if when you get the miniatures there has been some damage along de ship, don´t worry! We can solve it without any cost, except the amount of the shipment. Many times You can solve it from home, in that case We can help you for skype, whatsapp or email.


The shipping cost depends on the size, weight and destination of the order. We will inform The shipping costs are included in the budget. 

We always send by certified mail, with tracking number so you can see at all times where the shipment is going.


We pack and protect the miniatures carefully, individually and using appropriate material for it: boxes suitable for shipments, miniatures are wrapped individually with bubble wrap, miniatures are immobilized with insulating material such as chips or foam … If it is a very large order , we divide the units into smaller boxes following the same procedure, and these are placed inside a larger box, always isolated and immobilized.

We always make sure that there aren´t components that moves because of possible sudden movements that the package can suffers during the shipment.

They are your miniatures and you want them to come home in one piece! But They are also our work, and we also want them to come in one piece!

Boxes comes completely sealed by all its edges.
The spare parts of the matrices and additional components are not returned, unless expressly requested.

We usually take between 2 and 4 weeks since the miniatures arrive to our studio. The time can vary from less time in case of small orders until more time if They are very large orders; we will inform you in any case.

Keep in mind that there may be delays because of  the sending company.

If you finally send us the miniatures, please, pack them well. If for any reason it deteriorates along the way, don´t worry! We´ll reparate it without cost.

It is highly recommended that you include an inventory of everything you send us, which We´ll then check and confirm. This way we avoid possible misunderstandings.


StarBrush Studio reserves the right to refuse requests for justified decisions.

StarBrush Studio reserves the right to cancel orders for duly justified reasons.

StarBrush Studio reserves the right to modify a budget that has been incorrectly prepared due to spelling, syntax errors, incorrect accounts, or any other nature. Always under duly justified reasons. We do not advertise, nor do we have agreements with any brand. We only paint, sell and / or name in our blog and website, and these belong to the companies that have their registration.

We don´t disclose our techniques or our painting secrets. However, We understand that you will surely want to paint the miniatures for your army, and they must all have the same color scheme. So We wont have no problem in telling you the colors used.